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The Fleming Collection Young People's Art Competition 2021 Winners

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Prize winner Ottalie Exton's painting 'Scottish Adventure', inspired by James Morrison's 'Clouds above the Grampians'.

This summer, to inspire young creative minds, we ran our second annual summer art competition. We asked entrants to create a painting, drawing, sculpture, assemblage, photograph or even performance that draws from one of the hundreds of artworks in our collection and we have been blown away by the number and calibre of entrants. 

Of the entries James Knox, Director of the Fleming Collection, said, “Overall the quality of entries for this year’s competition was consistently high, making it quite a challenge to reach a decision on the winners and runners up. In the end, the outright winners revealed how great art by earlier generations can inspire young artists to new heights. Their fresh take on Scottish masters are fine works in their own right, reflecting an impressive range and depth of talent present in schools today.”

With thanks to our judges, Lily Knott, Arts Officer at Kirkcudbright Galleries, and Katrina Sparrow, trustee of the Fleming-Wyfold Art Foundation, along with James, we are delighted to announce the winners, across all age categories, who will be awarded £50 Cass Art vouchers for art supplies.

First prizes go to Ottalie Exton, aged 10, Cambridgeshire; Alexandria Coen, aged 12, Kingston; Amy Watson, aged 15, Port Seton; and Olivia Webb, aged 16, Glasgow.

Prize winner Alexandria Coen's painting inspired by William McCance's 'the Result'.
Prize winner Amy Watson's painting inspired by George Leslie Hunter's 'Lower Largo Fife'.
Prize winner Olivia Webb's painting 'Still Life Reflection', inspired by the still lives of the Scottish Colourists.

Second prizes are awarded to:

Under 11 year olds: Amelia Kan, aged 7, inspired by Anne Redpath, and Luca Puntrello, aged 8.

11 - 15 year olds: Maureen Ekugwum, aged 15, inspired by Victoria Crowe; Hattie Coningsby, aged 12, inspired by John Duncan; Dillan Quinn, aged 13, inspired by F C B Cadell and James Gilies; Sophia Patel, aged 13, inspired by Phoebe Anna Traquair; and Heloise Kennedy, aged 13, inspired by F C B Cadell.

16-18 year olds: Mary Demirova, aged 17, and Jasmine Saunders-Berridge, aged 17, both inspired by William Wells.

Our runners up will receive a copy of our publication A History of Scottish Art, for future inspiration. 

And finally, an anonymous donor, with a background in the fine arts, has selected at random a number of participants who's paintings caught the donor's eye to be awarded a Chinese dip brush/pen, to inspire alternative methods of creativity.