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Online Exhibition

Darkness into Light: the Emotional Power of Art

Art has rarely been more needed than during this time of a global pandemic. Presciently, in 2018, the Sheffield Millennium Gallery staged an exhibition of works from the Fleming Collection, the Ingram Collection and the Jerwood Collection, which explored, largely through work chosen from the 20th century, art’s capacity to stir our emotions from deepest despair to unbridled joy. Its title, 'Darkness into Light', summed up today’s febrile mood, which is why the Fleming Collection has reprised an online version of this exhibition.

  • mapArt UK
  • calander25 February - 12 May 2021
Online Event

French Art and Scotch Ideas: The Scottish Enlightenment and The Dawn of Modernity in French Art

A lecture by Duncan Macmillan, Emeritus Professor in the History of Scottish Art at the University of Edinburgh where he pioneered the teaching of Scottish art as a university subject. This is the first event in a year-long collaboration between the Paul Mellon Centre and the Fleming Collection that will focus on aspects of Scottish art, both current and neglected. Recently, the Fleming Collection gifted its specialist library to PMC as a contribution to building an unrivalled resource for British art studies open to all.

  • mapPaul Mellon Centre
  • calander10 February - 10 February 2021
Online Event

Emerging Scottish Artist of the Year Award

Last year, on the advice of the Fleming Collection, Scotland House London chose the work of an emerging Scottish artist to hang for a year as part of a new award in support of contemporary Scottish talent. This award was given to Brandon Logan, a graduate from Edinburgh College of Art who showed work in the Royal Scottish Academy’s 'New Contemporaries’ exhibition in early 2020. Logan creates abstract wall hangings that explore broad themes of time, labour and tradition in the context of his place of birth, Orkney.

Please join us for a webinar on the 3rd February to hear the artist in conversation with James Knox, Director of the Fleming Collection, and to see some of his artwork. 

  • mapScotland House, London
  • calander03 February - 03 February 2021
Online Event

'The Glasgow Girls and Boys' Book Launch

Join Fleming Collection Director James Knox and Scottish Gallery Managing Director Christina Jansen on Zoom as they discuss our recently published book, 'The Glasgow Girls and Boys'. They will discuss how he came to write the book, the challenges in marshalling the lives and achievements of twenty artists, why the women artists have been neglected until now, and what his discoveries were while researching the book and curating the exhibition that it pairs with.

  • mapThe Scottish Gallery
  • calander02 December - 02 December 2020

The Glasgow Boys and Girls

The Glasgow Boys and Girls were a group of radical young artists, who rebelled against the jaded Victorian passion for highland scenes and story-telling pictures. The exhibition brings together over thirty paintings and watercolours and focuses on the period between 1880-1895, when thegroup was at the height of their creativity. 

The Glasgow Boys & Girls seeks to bring new and greater appreciation for the talents of several female artists, including Flora Macdonald Reid, whose work Fieldworkers (1883), which was painted when she was just 22 years old, is included in the exhibition. It has since been recognised as one of the key early paintings of the Glasgow School. Other women artists in the show include Ressie MacNicol, Constance Walton and Katherine Cameron.

  • mapGranary Gallery, Berwick-upon-Tweed
  • calander05 September - 15 November 2020
Online Exhibition

The Glasgow Boys and Girls Curation

The Glasgow Boys and Girls is a virtual exhibition curated by the Fleming Collection and hosted by the charity Art UK.

The exhibition is one of the first to be showcased through Art UK's Curations, a new tool launched in conjunction with International Museum Day that allows any member of the public to curate their own exhibition, providing access to the nation's public collections.

  • mapArt UK
  • calander19 May - 31 July 2020
Online Exhibition

Art from your Home

Sadly, as we know, all cultural institutions have closed their doors for the foreseeable future for the safety of their staff and the wider community. To fill the gap, there are myriad ways that you can enjoy the visual arts from your own home as we all do our bit towards reducing social interactions.

A good place to start is searching our own website for more delights such as the themes on our collections page, whether that be Women Artists, the Highland Clearances or the Scottish Colourists, or why not search the nooks and crannies of the collection yourself as digital access is available to almost every work.

Furthermore, our collection is not the only one that can be explored online, art can be experienced from the pages of a book and artists can be listened to through historic and current podcasts.

  • calander24 March - 31 May 2020

Colour and Light: The Art and Influence of the Scottish Colourists - Highlights from the Fleming Collection

Featuring 40 works from the Fleming Collection, this exhibition examines the art of the four Scottish Colourists, SJ Peploe, JD Fergusson, FCB Cadell and Leslie Hunter, and their influence on later artists throughout the 20th and 21st centuries, such as Anne Redpath, William Crozier and Alberto Morrocco. 

  • mapAbbott Hall Art Gallery, Kendal
  • calander18 October 2019 - 01 February 2020

Hannah Mooney

Winner of the 2018 Fleming-Wyfold Bursary, Hannah Mooney was born in Co. Donegal, Ireland. She studied at University of Ulster and Glasgow School of Art. She currently works in two distinct subjects; still life and landscape. In both she is an instinctive, natural painter deeply concerned with the matière and traditional composition. 

  • mapJohn Martin Gallery, London
  • calander26 March - 28 March 2019

Scottish Colourists from the Fleming Collection

Featuring 30 works from the prestigious Fleming Collection, plus additional loans from National Museums Northern Ireland, this new exhibition celebrates work from the four key Scottish Colourist artists, alongside artists who were early influencers of their work.


  • mapF.E. McWilliam, Banbridge
  • calander23 March - 28 September 2019

The Fleming Collection recommends


Sara Barker: Undo the Knot

  • map Cample Line, Dumfriesshire
  • calander 2021-04-29 - 2021-05-23

Scotland's Art | The Glasgow Girls

  • map National Galleries Scotland
Online Exhibition

S J Peploe - 150th Anniversary

  • map Art UK
Online Lecture

French Art and Scotch Ideas

  • map Paul Mellon Centre
Online Exhibition

Kevin Harman: Glassworks

  • map Ingleby Gallery
  • calander 2021-04-28 - 2021-05-22

Shorts: Concrete Poet

  • calander 2021-02-25 - 2022-01-25
Online Event

The Ignorant Art School

  • map Cooper Gallery, Dundee
  • calander 2021-02-25 - 2021-12-31
Online Exhibition

James Morrison: A Room with a View

  • map The Scottish Gallery
  • calander 2021-03-07 - 2021-09-01

Emma Talbot: Ghost Calls

  • map Dundee Contemporary Arts
  • calander 2021-04-28 - 2021-08-08
Online Exhibition

Ilana Halperin: There is a Volcano Behind My House

  • map Mount Stuart
  • calander 2021-05-08 - 2021-08-15

Projects 20 | Iman Tajik & The Nature Library

  • map Stills, Edinburgh
  • calander 2021-05-18 - 2021-06-19