Magazine cover of Scottish Art News issue 30

Scottish Art News

Published biannually in the Spring and Autumn, Scottish Art News is the only publication dedicated to Scottish art and creativity - publishing news, features, interviews, criticism, scholarship and listings on historic and contemporary art. Scottish Art News underpins the Foundation’s charitable goal of promoting Scottish art by spreading the word about the art scene north - and where relevant - south of the border through its targeted distribution to the following key interest groups:

  • The Scottish diaspora with a proven interest in Scottish exhibitions and collecting Scottish art
  • Politicians and cultural policy makers in Edinburgh, Glasgow and London
  • Key museum curators, scholars, academics and tastemakers in the UK and Ireland
  • Broadcasters, print and digital art critics, correspondents and commentators
  • Leading Scottish artists and emerging Scottish artists working at home and abroad; top dealers and auctioneers

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Download the latest issue of Scottish Art News which includes the major art historical discovery of the first known Scottish landscape to a design by Pieter Bruegel the Elder.

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